Thursday, July 12, 2012

Aboard The HOKULE'A Voyaging Canoe in Haleiwa!

Today was a very special day for me, I was so blessed to be invited aboard the beloved "Hokule'a" Polynesian Voyaging Canoe for a private morning 'talk story' with crew & captain. What a thrill, being a boat lover/sailor all my life, and with the Hokule'a being Hawaii's own, most loved vessel, this was an incredible honor that I will cherish forever. The 62' Hokule'a was the sailing canoe that Eddie Aikau lost his life trying to help as they were in in trouble at sea and he tried to swim to shore & was never seen again. Gifts were exchanged as we talked story & I sent a special North Shore Sunrise Shell sailing aboard the Hokule'a, & they left me with a native Hawaiian White Hibiscus plant. There are 26 pics in the "Hokule'a album" on my "MonicaByTheShore" Facebook page, but here's a few to share with you here. Enjoy, & aloha~

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