Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tis the Season for Christmas Sunrise Shells!!!

Happy Holiday Christmas Shopping!

Well all the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone now, we've survived Black Friday shopping (those of you who dared to actually do it) and now its time to get some serious shopping done! FUN!! Here's a few new pieces of Hawaiian Sunrise Shell "bling" to set under your Christmas tree!  I'll be working like an elf til the last minute to make more, so keep checking out the website for new seashell treasures daily!
Here's the link to the website:


All of these beautiful pieces of jewelry are available on the website TODAY!  Scoop them up quick, with elegant free gift wrapping too!

"Mele Kalikimaka!"

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"MonicaByTheShore" Sunrise Shell Jewelry in WYLAND Gallery Haleiwa!

In Celebration of the North Shore Big Wave Surf Season & the "Triple Crown of Surfing" contests, Wyland Galleries H A L E I W A  is proud to announce that the exclusive line of "MonicaByTheShore" Sunrise Shell Jewelry is now available at the North Shore Wyland Haleiwa Gallery location!!
Check the Surf & the Shells in Haleiwa at Wyland Gallery!  Aloha~

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wyland Galleries Waikiki & Sunrise Shells by MonicaByTheShore Hawaii!

The Wyland Art Gallery in the heart of the beautiful Beachwalk shopping area in Waikiki now has a showcase of exclusive "MonicaByTheShore" Sunrise Shell Jewelry! The first EVER retail venue to be chosen to carry my shells!

This exciting news came about due to an increasing demand of customers wanting to shop for my Sunrise Shells jewelry in Waikiki, so I collaborated with Wyland and soon had a jewelry display case featuring my MonicaByTheShore Sunrise Shells!  Here's a few photos of some of the beautiful designs you'll find at Wyland Gallery, some are collaboration pieces that include Wyland's 14K gold and sterling silver sealife charms!  And what a gorgeous environment to shop!!  Come enjoy the art & the Aloha!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Wyland Galleries of Hawaii Premieres "MonicaByTheShore" Sunrise Shells Jewelry!

Exciting Announcement!

Wyland Galleries Waikiki & MonicaByTheShore Sunrise Shells!!

For the first time EVER, "MonicaByTheShore" Sunrise Shell jewelry will be offered to the public in a retail environment, and what a location!  The beautiful Wyland Gallery Beachwalk Waikiki will premiere an exclusive line of "MonicaByTheShore" designer Sunrise Shells jewelry from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii! We invite you to come welcome this perfect match-up of ocean inspired art and jewelry in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii, beginning October 1st, 2013! Each unique piece hand crafted and made with Aloha! 
Gallery location & contact info:  MonicaByTheShore/Wyland Galleries

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tasty Sunrise Shells Delicacies from Hawaii

Dessert is served!  Your Sunrise Shell Loving Taste Buds Will Want Second Helpings of these Delicious Treats from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii!

Tasty New Hawaiian Sunrise Shells Treats! MonicaByTheShore.com
Sunrise Shell Post Earrings MonicaByTheShore.com
Big, Bright & Beautiful! New Sunrise Shell Necklace on the website MonicaByTheShore.com
Absolute Sunrise Shell Pendant Perfection! MonicaByTheShore.com
Dainty Pink & Gold Baby Sunrise Shells Post Earrings!  MonicaByTheShore.com

Sunrise Shell Sterling Silver Ring!  MonicaByTheShore.com

Sunrise Shell Hair Ties & Accessories!  MonicaByTheShore.com
A very happy return customer, Valerie, from San Francisco with Sunrise Shell and Starfish necklace

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summer of Love

 This summer has been full of  Love  & beautiful Sunrise Shell Bridal jewelry! Here's just a few shots and a sweet story about a couple of the Sunrise Shells shared by Lovers over the "Summer of Love"!

Every piece of Sunrise Shell jewelry that I make has a story, and this one is a Love Story... Pictured here are two dainty Sunrise Shells each on a sterling silver bracelet with two flowers on either side of the Sunrise Shells. One will be worn by a Bride, the other by the Groom's mother. This was a custom order by the Bride who even tho she is young enough to be my daughter, she is a personal friend of mine. I made her Sunrise Shell necklace from a shell that her boyfriend found on the beach and tried to make into a necklace himself as a gift for her, but he drilled two gigantic holes in it, then brought it to me to "resurrect" (I almost cried when I saw what he did to it). That was several years ago and she wears it every single day  Then I made her earrings. Next I made her beautiful double red Sunrise Shell engagement ring with diamond on .999 Fine silver, that was a little nerve wracking... But this creation takes the cake for shaky hands! The four tiny silk flowers were given to the Bride by her future Mother in Law, they are from her own wedding dress, they're about 40 years old, and they are the only thing she has left of her wedding dress. The flowers were affixed on paper wrapped floral wire that was old, rusty and very brittle. I was afraid to touch them for fear of them fraying.... I was afraid to even begin the project and almost gave up, but I prayed (a LOT). I had to work on it in tiny steps, walking away frequently. I found myself holding my breath so many times while working with the tiny flowers I was getting dizzy! I just couldn't mess this up, I couldn't go "buy" her original 40 year old wedding dress flowers if I messed one up!!! When the bracelets were completed my hands were shaking even while taking the photos, and they are shaking now as I type this. 
I can't divulge the name of this beautiful Bride yet but will look forward to her wedding photos and will share! Much Aloha to the Bride, her future Mother in Law, and God Bless your Wedding Day and the union of your families 

Roderick & Karin
Karin with the bridal Sunrise Shell & Swarovski Crystal necklace she chose to wear on her  big day. She also wore a Sunrise Shell hairpiece to complete her beach wedding bridal accessories <3 td="">

Athena & Justin celebrate their 1st anniversary with a beautiful Sunrise Shell silver wrap ring

CJ & Keiu with her gift of a beautiful Moonrise & Black Tahitian Pearl necklace
Sweethearts Keiu & CJ on the water in her hometown of  Lulea, Sweden