Thursday, December 15, 2011

HAWAII FIVE-O Wedding Sunrise Shells Jewelry by MonicaByTheShore!

Its a Hawaii FIVE-O Wedding!
The entire wedding party for Chin Ho's wedding in the Hawaii FIVE-O episode that aired on December 12, 2011 was decked out in Sunrise Shells Jewelry by MonicaByTheShore!  Here's a few shots of "Kono" played by the beautiful Grace Park wearing an orange & white Sunrise Shell on a gold chain necklace.  All the bridesmaids wore the same dress but I made their shells all slightly different colors.  Here's a pick of the necklaces that I made custom for this filming of Hawaii FIVE-O!

This is the third time Hawaii FIVE-O wardrobe has asked for my Sunrise Shells, but this time I suggested that instead of buying them outright, they "rent" them, so I have a few of these necklaces on the website right now!  H5-O kept one, and two others have already sold, so check it out soon and you can have one too!  Aloha~