Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Red Kauai Whole Sunrise Shell Pairs Necklace & Earrings Set in 14k Gold!

Well, this is the grand finale in my Sunrise Shells Pairs collection for now... dark RED whole shells from the island of Kauai!  Sometimes these pairs are called Doubles, or Double Shells, but what they are is actually the entire shell that the scallop lived in, both the top and the bottom shell.  The top shell is always the darker color, in this case red, and the bottom shell is always a lighter color, in this case yellow. They are BEAUTIFUL and its very rare to find them dead (empty shells) in pairs.  These seashells are so very special I just HAD to use 14k gold.  I added the tiny gold Hawaiian Plumeria flowers for a special touch of Aloha to the post earrings.

Here's some pics, enjoy, & Aloha from the North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii!

 Click on any of the pictures to super-size them!

See the bright yellow bottom shell on the necklace????  :)

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