Thursday, May 19, 2011

Aloha Summer!!!!

Awww yes, summer is around the corner and the water is absolutely BEAUTIFUL here on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii!  The colors of blue are simply amazing, the temperature is perfect, the sun is bright, clouds puffy white.... well you know, its Paradise!
I have lots of new Sunrise Shells to work on for the upcoming weeks so keep an eye on the website for new creations!  The "Beach Candy" seashell bracelets and earrings have been very popular, and so have the Seashell Love chunky choker necklaces. I've been doing lots of custom orders too, and beach wedding jewelry using Sunrise Shells are in high demand as well.  Graduations rings have been a frequent requests and lots of leather "Naturalist" bracelets have been shipping out to the other islands, especially Kauai.
Look for more MonicaByTheShore jewelry on upcoming new episodes of Hawaii FIVE-O after their summer hiatus too!!
The Waialua Sugarmill Festival was a tremendous sucess and I'm really looking forward to my favorite show the year, the Haleiwa Arts Festival in July, on the 16th & 17th!  Then its off to Alaska for a couple of weeks in mid August to spend some time on the boat that my son captains up there during the summer months!
Here's a few pics of some beautiful shells!
With Aloha,


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